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Openlane – A Gutenberg WordPress Theme For Business

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Openlane – the direct throughway to Gutenberg. Openlane is built based on Gutenberg, which is currently so promising to be the future of WordPress users. This theme embraces functional features with various responsive layouts for business WordPress sites. Users can benefit from the great simplicity concerning page building and editing experience with the help from our newly developed plugin exclusively for Gutenberg: Open Blocks. Get on board with us to take on a brand new creative experience like never before with OpenLane Gutenberg.

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Key Features

  • 100% Gutenberg Ready
  • Open Blocks for Gutenberg with 12 unique blocks
  • 6+ Homepage Layouts
  • Portfolio Layouts (Grid, Masonry)
  • Blog Layouts (Grid, List, Single Blogs)
  • Various Posts Formats
  • SEO Optimization
  • Flexible Colors & Typography
  • Contact Form 7
  • MailChimp for WordPress
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Responsive Design
  • Retina Ready
  • Blazing Fast Loading Speed
  • Premium Customer Support
  • Embed across 35 social networks
  • Quick and easy installation with One click
  • WordPress 4.0+ Tested and Approved
  • Built with HTML5 and CSS3 code
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: FireFox, Safari, Chrome

Openlane is a responsive business WordPress theme built 100% on Gutenberg platform – it’s the direct throughway to Gutenberg.

  • 6+ Homepage layouts for businesses, agencies, companies, and corporations.
  • 2+ Portfolio layouts: masonry, grid
  • 2+ Blog layouts: single, grid
  • 12+ Exclusive blocks: Single portfolio, Skills, Portfolios, Hero, Call to action, Clients, Services, Testimonials, Looking, Team, Contact, Contact 2.

Openlane features highly outstanding & powerful features of a Gutenberg theme:

Ultra-blazing fast loading: when your site is built on Openlane, you won’t have to worry that readers would become impatient during waiting time, because they barely have to wait. Loading a content-rich page doesn’t take up much time. The increase in loading speed will also help your page gain a higher rank in search page.

Truly responsive: as soon as users click on a button or a link, Openlane will respond within a second. Whether it’s a media heavy-loaded page, all blocks will respond as soon as you click on to edit and set up the customization.

True “Live Customizer”: as users edit the content of a text or change the background image, all the changes will be seen right from the content area of the editor. This is the true meaning of a Live Customizer. There’s no need to click Save then refresh the page or press Preview to see your configurations. It’s a WYSIWYG experience. Indeed, what you see is what you get.

Super intuitive & straight-forward: In themes that use other types of editors, say the famous drag and drop WPBakery Page Builder, users need to learn how to use shortcodes, widgets and toolbars in order to build a page. But with Openlane, everything is placed explicitly. There is nothing technical that users need to learn. After just a few moments of getting your hands wet with Openlane, you would surely understand the mechanism of the whole editors. Instructions are straightforward and easy to follow.

1Click demo import: The prior 1-click demo importers from traditional themes is fast enough, but Openlane’s is even faster.

Zero installation time: Normally, when installing a new theme on your WordPress, it takes some time to download the necessary file then install into the system. Now, installation time can be done just as demo import process: quick and easy with one click. Users of Openlane won’t have to wait under any circumstance.

Zero coding knowledge required: We provide users with both basic and advanced options for customizing themes through the quick toolbar and sidebar. The UX has been optimized to its best with clients’ convenience in mind; so that they can ‘put down the manual book’ and experience everything with minimal instructions needed.

Highly adaptable: Try browsing website built on Openlane from any popular browsers or screen resolutions, the results are out of expectation. You’ll be amazed by the great adaptability and flexibility of these blocks.

SEO optimization: Taking the latest SEO standards into consideration, our team at ThemeMove has worked hard in order to generate the highest SEO results possible for Openlane. By obeying SEO standards, you will definitely see a considerable increase in organic traffic to your site.

Instant Demo – Content Ready: All blocks are filled with real content so that users know how the text will appear in reality and where they can type in their own content. Each block comes with preset colors, images (if any), effects (if any), icons, etc.

Openlane – truly embraces the spirit of Gutenberg Editor

Select and Focus: Openlane is not just a normal WordPress theme that has Gutenberg plugins or features. It is a Gutenberg theme. Yes. This is a theme coded ENTIRELY based on Gutenberg platform. No more complicated shortcodes, widget, meta boxes, etc. It’s all about blocks now. Moreover, blocks settings are very explicit and apparent: they are located in the quick toolbar (right above the block) or in sidebar (with two tabs: Document and Block).

Now, users won’t have to worry about being inexperienced in WordPress, all they have to do is to click on a block then customize it accordingly. In the old editing method, users need to choose either Front-end or back-end mode then click on the corresponding meta box to edit. Sometimes the options are really hard to be found. With Openlane, just click on any block then hover on the quick toolbar or click on the sidebar, all the options are there. To emphasize an element, for example, a phrase in the caption of an image, just choose the text phrase then set up the customization. No need to open any additional box or use a custom shortcode. That’s how Select and Focus work on Openlane.

Consistency, Usability & Simplicity: Created posts become more intuitive & reliable – as the editing method is the same with all kinds of blocks. Users can edit blocks from any editing system (PC, desktop, tablet, mobile, app, coding programs etc.). Even when blocks are opened from incompatible system, they will still be displayed. When users change the system, the text content won’t be affected, so fewer errors in terms of display will occur when switching the editor.

Rebuilding a favorite page or impressive page template that you like is easy, too. Our developers have developed versatile blocks with placeholders to make sure that theme design won’t be broken when users edit the content. User will receive a suggestion of appropriate action when editing a text or uploading an image. Therefore, editing will take less effort. Site builders can have more time and effort to spend on other technical issues.

Drag & drop is still available. Simplicity doesn’t have to be without drag & drop. Users can still enjoy drag & drop experience in some place where it’s suitable like uploading an image or moving blocks to a new place. We try our best to create a Gutenberg theme that closely embraces the concept of perceiving “the web as a vertical river of content”.

* Everything is excellent so far, but the best is yet to mention. Read on to find out *

Openlane Blocks – A strong Gutenberg-based plugin for by ThemeMove

Openlane Blocks is a newly developed plugin by ThemeMove team. After theme activation, you will see a notification of plugin installation. Install then activate it to enjoy all the beautiful and powerful blocks from Openlane Blocks. It supports all Gutenberg’s blocks, rearranges and adds more 12 exclusive blocks for theme customization:Single portfolio, Skills, Portfolios, Hero, Call to action, Clients, Services, Testimonials, Looking, Team, Contact, Contact 2.

Accordion: Accordion block comes with a professional layout that is fully customizable. There are two parts: Title and Items. The title’s color can be adjusted from Colors > Title Color or Content Color. The items can be adjusted by clicking on each item then choose a color from the quick toolbar. Or you can click on the More options icon > Block Settings to adjust the number of items (Total, 6 in maximum), item icon, panel color and header color.

Google API key: users only insert the key once and for all. Even when you delete the key inserted in the sidebar, there’s no changes would occur. Once you entered the key, it is stored in the settings of the theme, independent of any specific blocks. Therefore this ensures you can use Google-related services normally.

Google Maps: The location box uses Auto suggest, which gives suggestions on the location, it is very accurate even without precise address as the map uses the data from Google Map’s database. This block is greatly responsive and customizable as well. No accidental zoom, you need to use ctrl + scroll up / down in order to zoom in/out of the map.

With traditional Google Maps element, users can only choose between some predefined styles, but with Openlane, the customization is unlimited. You can change the zoom level, height of the map block, styles (default, silver, retro, dark, night, aubergine), label, scale control, street view control, full-screen control, map type control. All of these allow users to create a unique map for each particular site that matches the overall homepage design.

Hero Block: The hero block is added with a new feature: Contrast Checker. Openlane has a tool names contrast checker that give users a warning like this: “This colour combination may be hard for people to read. Try using a brighter background colour and/or a darker text colour” when the background color and content color do not combine well with each other. This ensures that your site would meet the standards of visual display and design.

Video/Image Background: If users wish to use a video background, they will need to upload their own file to WordPress library. In case of image background, there is a choice for applying parallax effect. Otherwise, users can configure the position, attachment, repeat, size of the image background. When choosing to enable parallax, these options will be disabled.

Price table: Users have the freedom to change the total number of price items and other like color and button. In the demo, there are three items. The button on each one can be configured separately and linked to another page by simply inserting a link into the box appearing when users click on a button.


Version 1.2.4 – Mar 09, 2019

1. Fixed: Accordion block

Version 1.2.3 – Mar 6, 2019

1. Added: Control Google Fonts in Plugin Sidebar of Post/Page

Version 1.2.2 – February 27, 2019

1. Fixed: One click demo import settings
2. Fixed: CSS Bugs

Version 1.2.1 – February 21, 2019

1. Fixed: Recommend plugins
2. Fixed: Demo import problem


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