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Bizarre – Responsive Magento Theme

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 1

Compatible with:

[ Magento OS 1.X.X ]:
Magento OS /Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS

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Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 16

Fully responsive and retina ready

Full functionality of your magento store on all mobile devices is guaranteed. Give your visitors a beautiful interface of your online shop with ultra sharp and crispy graphics.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 17

Ultra powerful admin panel

More than 40 custom options are available just in the admin panel. Make your own customization changes without any coding!

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 18

Theme Activation

Fed up with creating needed blocks and pages to get store configured and working? Just click “Activate” button and relax.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 19

Revolution Slider Included

With this theme you also get premium jQuery revolution slider with drag & drop admin extension.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 20

Custom Colors

You can set your favourite colors and generate css file from the admin.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 21

Translation Ready

The theme is fully compatible with magento translation extensions which allow you to translate your store to any languages.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 22

Rich Snippets

Allows you to control appearance of your products on a google search results page.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 23

Awesome Icon Fonts

Increase performance of your magento by using font icons instead if images. Use them everywhere!

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 24

Configurable Font Icons

You can replace font icons just from the admin. Choose your favourite one from the list of available icons.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 25

Google Fonts

Change appearance of your titles without coding just in a few clicks whatever you want.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 26

Background Patterns

Choose your favourite pattern from available variants or upload your own one.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 27

Background Slider

All you need is upload a few images to get background slider working.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 28

Image Aspect Ratio

You can use images for your products of any dimensions you want.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 29

Smart Product Labels

There is ability to display “sale”, “new”, “only X left” labels on your products. You can also display sale percentage, change labels order and their appearance.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 30

Blog Integrated

This theme is fully compatible with blog extension by aheadWorks.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 31

Configurable Contact Page

You can easily add your location and additional info about your store to be displayed on contacts page.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 32

Custom 404 page Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 33

We replaced boring default design of page 404 with new one which looks awesome and is more handy for your customers

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 34

Quality Support and Free Updates

If you have any problems while working with our theme you can always get help through our ticket system.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 35

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 36

Product Widgets

You can show new/sale/bestselling products or featured category products on the homepage as slider, grid, masonry grid or list and choose which elements of a product will be shown.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 37

This widget allows you to share links to your profiles in social networks.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 38

Facebook Like Box Widgets

It allows to display facebook like box block on the homepage or put it into any static blocks through your magento store.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 39

Brands Showcase

With this widget you can display brands of your products on the homepage with ease. Brands logo images can be shown as list or slider.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 40

Tabs Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 41

With this widget you can display your own content including other widgets in tabs

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 42

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 43

Sidebar Position

Change any position of the sidebar of your store with ease.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 44

Category Slider

You can add different slider to any category pages you want. Slider based on revolution slider.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 45

Configurable number of columns

You can set the quantity of displayed columns per row from 2 and up to 8.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 46

Customisable product details

Allows to set what elements of product toolbar will be displayed on a category page.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 47

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 48

Product Page Layouts

Adjust product page layout from the admin panel so it fits your store design. 4 predefined layouts included.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 49

Displaying Product SKU

This non default feature became default in this theme.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 50

Displaying Product Brand

There are two positions where you can display product brand logo image with brand description: product page sidebar, product details column.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 51

Prev Next Product Buttons

Go to the previous or next product within one category without leaving product page.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 52

Product More Views Block

Have a lot of product images? All of them can be displayed as slider without breaking page layout.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 53

Configurable collateral block

If you don’t like traditional tabs you can simply change them to vertical tabs, display as an accordion or as a simple list.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 54

Unlimited Custom Product Tabs

Creating additional custom tabs is really easy. All you need is create a static block and set its ID as new tab.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 55

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 56

Custom Category Labels

You can create up to 3 different category labels and change colors of them jus tfrom the admin panel

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 57

Custom Content

Adding custom content into submenu is very easy. You can put it in three positions: Above, under and right after categories block

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 58

Custom Colors

You can change appearacne of your menu just from the admin panel

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 59

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 60

Ajax Infinite Scroll

Allows your visitors to see all your available products in a category without reloading page.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 61

Ajax Login/Registration

No need to go to the login page any more. Let your customer login or create account on any page he wants.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 62

Ajax Quick View

Let your customers see product details and buy it without leaving category page.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 63

Ajax Compare/Wishlist

Let your customers add product to comparison and wish lists without leaving category page.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 64

Ajax Price Slider

Allows users to see products in certain price range as per their choice.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 65

Ajax Toolbar

Enables you to provide your visitors with a fully dynamic, Ajax-based shopping experience, enhancing user experience and turn around by helping them to buy your products without annoying page reloads.

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 66

Ajax One Page Checkout

Checkout page without unnecessary steps, provides a nice checkout experience for the customers and greatly increases your website sales.


Slider Revolution Responsive jQuery Plugin
Magento Responsive Slider Revolution Extension – AM Revolution Slider


Images from preview are not included in the package due to licensing restrictions


We provide support for the theme without any charges. If you got any problems just submit a ticket. Do not forget to provide us your purchase code

Bizarre - Responsive Magento Theme - 67

Support Limitations

Since we are authors of just theme, we do not provide support which concerns any 3-rd party extensions, including modules that comes with theme.
Support is provided only via ticket system. All ticket are handled in queue, that’s why the reply make take up to two working days. Be patience please.
We recommend creating ticket with maximum information about an issue. In that case you will get answer faster.

We do not fix issues which caused by customization, 3-rd party extensions, previously installed theme.
We do not provide any integration service.
Customization is out of scope of our support.

Ver. 1.9 (14.01.19)

New. Patches added to v., v. and v.
New. Ajax contact form and google recaptcha added
Fixed. Rich snippets
Fixed. Skin 7 logout icon in IPad
Fixed. Rich snippets price and price-currency
Fixed. Responsive layout
Fixed. Selectbox js error

Ver. 1.8 (08.08.17)

New. Patch to v. added
New. Patch to v. added
Fixed. Sale label on bundle products
Fixed. Ajax register button
Fixed. Bizarre sidebar wish list script

Ver. 1.7 (01.12.16)

New. Compatibility with magento

Ver. 1.5 (19.08.15)

New. Skin7 subtheme
New. Responsive posts widget
New. Updated Facebook Like Box
Fixed. Login redirect to 404 page
Fixed. Out of stock products appearance in listing

Ver. 1.4 (16.07.15)

New. Patch for Magento CE v1.9.2.0
New. IWD checkout updated to v. 4.0.9
Fixed. Images optimization
Fixed. Infinity scroll
Fixed. Ajax login
Fixed. Ajax pagination
Fixed. More views watermarks
Fixed. Wishlist and compare titles added
Fixed. Rich snippets
Fixed. Persistent login
Fixed. Log errors

Ver. 1.3 (23.05.15)

New. Price countdown timer
New. Added background image upload option for top level categories
New. IWD checkout updated to v.4.0.8
New Popup content appearaing delay option added
Fixed. Sticky header search button resize
Fixed. Hitched header resize
Fixed. Remove unused css
Fixed. Blog pagination
Fixed. Parallax js
Fixed. Popup block
Fixed. Listing configurable swatches
Fixed. Captcha
Fixed. Widget slider quick view
Fixed. Search result page - ajax filter with empty loader
Fixed. "Remember me" checkbox added in ajax login and register
Fixed. Https ajax
Fixed. Featured category sort by position
Fixed. Isotop
Fixed. Top menu
Fixed. Print order page background
Fixed. Swatches with infinitescroll
Fixed. Configurable swatches
Fixed. Ajax login redirect to dashboard
Fixed. Ratings disappear on product page
Fixed. Menu banners on retina
Fixed. Wide and Top menus behavior on some touch devices
Fixed. One page checkout login
Fixed. XSS vulnerability
Fixed. Widgets out of stock products
Fixed. HTML Validation Errors
Fixed. Rich snippets prices
Fixed. Product labels

Ver. 1.2 (16.12.14)

New. Magento Community Edition (added patch)
New. RTL
New. More views hover
New. Google+ button
New. Configurable Swatches added
Fixed. Compare block on account page
Fixed. Small logo alt
Fixed. Sticky header
Fixed. CategoriesEnchanced default menu crash
Fixed. Default top menu crash
Fixed. Product page js error
Fixed. Listing cart button doesn't work when quick view disabled
Fixed. Remove unused jquery
Fixed. Product description elements
Fixed. Isotope and Fancybox for tags results page
Fixed. Top menu hover
Fixed. Product tabs without background
Fixed. Ajax Login and Register
Fixed. Product page recently viewed buttons
Fixed. Parallax banners with content
Fixed. Facebook widget options doesn't work
Fixed. My Orders sidebar block option doesn't work
Fixed. Mobile horizontal scroll
Fixed. Empty wishlist page appearance
Fixed. Category listing ajax crash
Fixed. Shopping cart page - wrong focus on update cart button
Fixed. Ajax price slider crash
Fixed. Cart page xml
Fixed. Cart page mode changer
Fixed. Ajax contact form
Fixed. Product page - price tax details
Fixed. Google maps conflict
Fixed. Remember me option doesn't work on ajax login and register
Fixed. Skin5 mobile search
Fixed. Header currency switchers
Fixed. Product tabs doesn't work
Fixed. Checkout coupon code block
Fixed. Menu on sticky header
Fixed. IE parallax
Fixed. Parallax resize
Fixed. One page checkout Paypal crash
Fixed. Product page prev/next buttons
Fixed. Ajax login in One Page Checkout
Fixed. Listing products falling
Fixed. Line height for buttons

Ver. 1.1 (08.10.14)

Read !!! READ BEFORE UPDATE TO 1.1 !!!!.txt

New. Smart widgets
New. 404 pages
New. Bestsellers Widget
New. Custom tabs widget
New. Base override colors option
New. Added "Roboto" and "Roboto Slab" google fonts
New. Added "data" attributes to parallax banners
New. Added option for header hitching
New. Ability to show 1 product in product widget
Fixed. Language and currency switchers
Fixed. Change admin menu structure
Fixed. Retina footer logo
Fixed. Masonry grid background
Fixed. Listing bottom indent
Fixed. Top menu indents
Fixed. Fb like box in sidebar
Fixed. List/Grid switcher
Fixed. Sticky header jumping

Ver. 1.0 (15.09.14)

Magento Community Edition 1.9.X.X (,, 1.8.X.X (,, 1.7.x.x (,,

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